Citizens' Charter

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Citizens' Charter

Our Vision

To be the most respected, trusted and preferred Insurer in the Bangladesh and the markets we operate with global footprint and recognition

Our Mission

To develop General Insurance Business in the best interest of the community.

To provide Financial Security to Individuals, Trade, Commerce & all other segments of the Society by offering Insurance products & Services of High Quality at affordable Cost.

Our Values

Highest priority to Customers needs

High standards of Public Conduct

Transparency in operations

Our Culture

Courtesy and Caring

Initiatives and Innovation

Integrity, Trustworthiness and Reliability


Our Commitments

We shall

Act courteously, fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with the customers.

Make sure all our policy documents and claim procedures are clear and complete information is given about our products and services.

Deal quickly and sympathetically with the grievances of the customer and resolve efficiently through nominated customer service officers in all operating offices. We will educate the client about grievance redress mechanism including the system of grievance redress through Ombudsman.

Respond to all commercially viable General Insurance requirements of all categories including products for weaker section of the society at affordable price within 3 months from the date of such requirement.

Continue to develop a dedicated, sensitized and professional workforce for efficient execution of roles assigned to them.

Have a regular monitoring and consultative process with all our service providers and set up monitoring mechanism for delivery of promised services to our customers.


Standards for Access to Citizens

We shall

Host on our website for all relevant information relating to working hours, contact nos., documents required for issuance of policies and claim settlement.

Make available information on products and services through display in office, information kiosks, Brochures relating to our Products and Services in Regional Languages and in easy to understand 'style'.

Reach out through electronic and print media, intermediaries and other active communication channels available.

Enhance the access of citizens through helpline, call centre, portal and personalized interactions through Retail customers Meets.

Earmark the time between 3.00 p.m. To 5.00 p.m. of every Thursday (next working day, in case Thursday happens to be a holiday) for personal interaction of customers with officer in-charge of the Branch/ Divisional /Regional Offices for resolving the grievances.

Standards for Servicing

We shall

Strive to achieve and excel the time lines/bench mark set forth by the regulator in respect of policyholders servicing.

Be clear and transparent in seeking fulfillment of requirements for settling a claim or any other services to the customer.


Standards and Fairness and Openness

We shall

Enable the customers with opportunities to provide the organization with feedback on services availed by them and suggest improvement through customer meets and surveys, website and interactive voice response system.

Dedicated e-mail facility at through which customers can provide their suggestion for betterment of service.

Enhance customer satisfaction through adoption of latest technologies in the area of servicing processing and review of systems and methods.

Review the standards of services offered annually with a view to improve the benchmarks.


Bench Marks for Servicing

Decision on acceptance of Proposal for

Motor, Individual Health, Personal Accident and Other Personal lines of Insurance - within 3 days of submission.

Fire, Marine, Engineering and other commercial lines of Insurance - within 7 days of submission.

Issuance of policies within 7 days of acceptance of premium.

Issuance of Renewal Notice 15 days before expiry of policy.

Appoint Surveyor/Investigator within 48 hours of intimation of claim. On Holidays/weekends/and after office hours to enable the customers to access the web-site at of the Company to any guidance and assistance in the appointment of surveyor.

Provide claim status to the customers within 3 days of receipt of request by the policy issuing office.

Make payment of claim within 3 days of receipt of discharge voucher.

Inform the customer within 30 days of receipt of required documents if the claim is not admissible.

Register grievances on the same day/monitor the grievances registered on Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS) and those cases registered 'Online' through Company's Grievance Redress System. Provide acknowledgement within 3 days of receipt and resolve the grievance within 15 days of receipt.


It will be the Endeavour of this Office to strive to meet the standards of quality of service as prescribed above.

This charter is a summary of what Mercantile Insurance Company Limited proposes to offer to the Citizens. The charter does not in any way become a part of the policy conditions or policy contract of the Mercantile Insurance Company Limited or the conditions of service of the workforce of the company.
(Impact of this Charter on Customer Service shall be evaluated periodically and wherever found necessary, introduction of requisite penalty provisions in cases of non-compliance of timelines shall be examined for the sake of adding to efficacy of the charter.)





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